About FXB Payment Summit 2022

The first-ever Future XB Payment Summit provided a comprehensive perspective on the advancements in technology and the emerging challenges in cross-border payments. This exceptional event served as a connecting platform for more than 250 trailblazers in the remittance industry, fostering the exchange of ideas and insights regarding the evolving landscape of the sector.
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Over the course of two days, the summit featured more than 45 speakers and garnered the participation of over 250 industry-specific experts. This esteemed gathering delved into a wide array of strategic and operational subjects pertaining to cross-border payments, compliance challenges, data protection strategies, and the implementation of AI and Blockchain technologies. By bringing together senior international technology and digital officials, along with policymakers, remittance experts, and professionals from the sector, the summit served as a crucial platform to discuss the foremost priorities and explore innovative strategies for shaping the future of remittance in the UAE.

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